silk road to Marilyn Cook

Dear Diary, a few Sundays ago Brenda and I took a little road trip to see Marilyn Cook studio where she dyes and hand paints silk. She uses her silk scraps and hooks them sometimes too, see the chair pad below. It was a beautiful fall day and we headed out with the plan to visit a few studios during the annual Art across the Marsh event. Brenda is interested in painting on silk, and very interested in dying so Marilyn Cook studio in Shemogue was a natural stop for us. When we arrived, her studio was so full of vibrant colour that you immediately got this, “This was worth the trip” feeling.

As an artists, visiting the studio of another artist is always good for the spirit. It makes you feel part of a community of artists, and you feel that what you are doing makes sense to someone else.

Marilyn’s work is very beautiful. I left with a red hand dyed silk chiffon big scarf. I have worn it four times in two weeks. I think I need one in royal blue.








3 thoughts on “silk road to Marilyn Cook

  1. Thanks Deanne, it was lovely having you two in for a visit. Please let Brenda know that my offer still stands, she can come by anytime.
    My “egret” is a carved wood blue heron.


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