lots of style

Dear Diary, I spotted some great outfits at the fibre art festival this year. I think though it was Sandra, from Amherst Shore who put together the prettiest, funkiest combination.  The polka dot frill, the gold satin and the cowboy boots were just great together.

Creativity comes in all kind of ways, including the way you dress. She herself is a rug hooker and quilter and helped organize the quilt shows this year.

I think this outfit shows style…lots of it.




One thought on “lots of style

  1. Gutsy lady, my kinda chic. Think I saw Sandra around the night of the cocktail party.Nice little tweed turquoise jacket to go with the outfit, right? Yea we need more funky stuff to brighten our day. I might add you looked pretty glamorous that night!!!!


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