rocks and stones

Dear Diary, In my workshop space in the back studio I have a big old sink I found in the basement of the building. I wanted some water back there in case we needed it for painting, or coffee and tea. I had a frame built around it, and on the bottom of the frame I just laid a bunch of beach rocks. The thing is though It took me a year to get those beach rocks.

I had been thinking of going to get them for one year and never got to it. That is a sign that you are doing more than you should be doing.

Finally this fall Brenda and I took a drive down to Lower Cove in Joggins, just for a ride really, not expecting to find beach rocks. She packed us a little picnic and we sat on the rocks and ate it, and walked on the beach. There, they were, nice round stones. I started loading up a basket I had in the car. There were the sink stones I had been wanting. Sometimes, you cannot seem to find the time for the simplest of things, and then all of a sudden the opportunity is right there before you.

Looking at the pictures here I was reminded of a rug I am working on about the idea of stone. I had developed it using a stone path, now I am thinking I might make another on the theme of beach stones. When I was thinking stone, I never thought of beach rocks as stone, but now I am reminded so it might be back to the drawing board. Stone is a bit hard to hook, especially beach rocks, it is hard for me to get that smooth feeling when my rugs are so textured. However, that is no reason not to try.

Also remember the hook in…


November 24, 10 am to 2pm


A Hook In at Deanne Fitzpatrick’s Studio


33 Church Street Amherst Nova scotia admission


Bring a brown bag lunch and we’ll provide tea , coffee and treats


You must pre register by emailing Lorna at rug or Deanne at, or  call 1-800-328-7756


Space will be limited so register soon…..


Come for a no pressure fun day to sit and chat and hook and enjoy the company around you. It is a chance to settle into the upcoming Christmas season, plan your winter projects and enjoy my studio for the day.





5 thoughts on “rocks and stones

  1. i wept when i saw the stone photos. i lived in n.s. for 8 years and so miss it. this was the first year i was not able to return to the ocean. my memories of collecting stones on the beaches are so special. it warmed my heart. i still have some of those stones here in my home in ontario and don’t think i will ever part from them.


  2. These stone pictures are talking to me. I saw a sink with stones in Barry’s Bay,Ontario (Near Algonquin Park and our cottage). You have reminded me that I was thinking of putting some in the cottage sink. What fun. I can also see another quilt coming on.


  3. Your smooth stone pictures are indeed lovely. Amazing how many colours there are in those seemingly colourless stones. How cool, so soothing, to hold in ones hand and gentle rub comes so naturally. Visualizing many scenes, they would be most interesting to hook. Shirley


  4. reminds me of the stones along lake ontario. makes me feel connected to your shores and the old age of them both. How new we are to be gazing at these ancient stones.


  5. I really love these stone photos. This morning I was “unearthing” the rock border around my garden plot which over time had receded into the dirt and was so pleased to see them restoring beauty to my mostly dug up “put to sleep for the winter” garden plot. I could use a few more of those beauties though….


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