Last week end I made jelly
I love making it
Picking apples from different trees
I wash them, I quarter them
I put it all in a big pot
Covered with water they simmer for a while
It becomes mushy
I collect the juice
For that much juice that much sugar goes in
In the big pot it boils
Cinnamon sticks are added
Such a nice taste
Boil and boil until it gels
In a jar it goes
Clear, pink, sweet



5 thoughts on “Jelly

  1. To answer “how I do it”, here is a link that I found:
    It has a basic recipe and I’d say start with that.

    Personally I use all kinds of apples from my orchard. I wash, cut, put the apples in a pot and cover with water. Bring to a boil then simmer for 30 minutes. Whatever juice I collect (through a cheese cloth), I add the same amount of sugar. The other thing I do is that I put cinnamon sticks in with the juice and sugar. If you like cinnamon it gives the jelly a nice touch. So bring that to a boil and let it reach the jelly stage (it’s well explained if you look up that link). Basically follow the instruction from the Canadian Living website. After a batch or two you will be able to alter the recipe a little and make it your own.

    Also, sometime your jelly won’t be cooked quite enough and it won’t jell. Bummer you’ll think. Well think again, the syrup you just created can be bottled and is lovely on pancakes, possibly delicious on various cakes and if nothing else can be boiled again until it finally reaches that jelly stage. Have fun.


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