Look with Lorna

Okay, so you know how they say a messy cook is a great cook….well Deanne Fitzpatrick must be great at dying wool because boy is she messy !

Yes Deanne you have to empty the dryer vent.

How she got it on the file cabinet I will never know.

All teasing aside the end result is fabulous !










4 thoughts on “Look with Lorna

  1. Hi Lorna,
    Big mess — fantastic colours! I particularly love that deep orange.
    The little picture on the filing cabinet of the woman by the shore — is there a larger version of it? Can’t recall seeing it in any of Deanne’s books or on her website. Just curious.


  2. I’ll have to show my husband these pictures. (which by the way I can identify with). When I look back I can just imagine that the washing machines in married student res. still remember me. Dying here I come. The colours are fab. My husband by the way can’t believe the messes I’m creating at the moment. I can’t seem to contain them.


  3. Lovely colors. Occasionally it takes more than a village. It takes a blood bath (of dyes) to get these wonderful hues.


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