details of the week after the big event

Dear Diary, Today I made a new video for the Wild with Style course that is set for November. I still have some work to do on it, and plan to do something more to it each day before the start date. I think it will get pretty rich by the time I finish. It is already pretty much done, but the idea is to make it even better.

Today is an easy day, lunch with a friend and a walk. This afternoon I’ll take some time to read. In August I started reading the Bible, the new testament, as Donnie Miller, queen/king  of the Mama Mansour video has started a small bible study on Wednesdays at noon. I have been going since September and am learning a lot this book, that I am basically unfamiliar with. We brown bag lunch and he gives us a short lesson without any preparation from us. It has been lovely. Though I do feel a little odd eating leftover casserole as we talk about the verses. Never the less….

Yesterday I got my edition of “Uppercase ” magazine, a great magazine about design and handcraft that comes from Calgary so I devoured that and wished I had three more really great magazines to plow through. The other magazine I really like to get is East Coast Living, a design magazine with a maritime sensibility. As winter starts to peek around the corner I am thinking about trips to my favorite magazine store for a few treats. I am also thinking of some great new subscriptions. Any advice on great magazines that you receive? I would love to know.

So after all the hub bub of last week, my life has slipped back to mellow, and I need to create my own bit of beauty everyday. Visits, cooking, reading, making rugs, writing, and blogging. There is still time for a few long drives in the country yet. I also had my skates sharpened, but I do not know how to skate. I might go to the rink with a chair and try to teach myself, once again. I lpove watching the way people glide around on the ice. I think I am missing something.

This morning I picked a handful of nasturtiums after seeing them on Susan Black’s blog. It was a bit like the last of the summer wine. My they are pretty flowers. I will tell you all about Susan later in another post. She spoke at the workshop last week, and did a great job.


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  1. I imagine that all the “Big Lessons” participants are going through the same settling back process. It’s an important transition because, after such richness, you have to come back to earth but carry it through.

    Nasturtiums help, with their bright faces and peppery leaves. Often, I tuck a flower behind my ear so that its fragrance surrounds me all da


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