Nova Scotia Fibre Art Festival is on this week

Dear Diary if you come to town to see the NS Fibre Art Festival be sure to drop in to the studio and meet the gang who works with me. They are a joyous bunch, full of the create beauty everyday moxy that we like at the studio. We’ll be open all week , with lots of new yarns, wool cloth, great pattern and designs,




4 thoughts on “Nova Scotia Fibre Art Festival is on this week

  1. what nice pics of your girls. i can honestly say they’ve each given me advise on rugs ,life and anything else i ask about. what a wealth of wisdom, the deacon at mass says everyone has gifts of time and treasure,so does your shop! i’ve shovelled out after a storm to get to the shop for advise on colours, patterns and to parade around my latest creations. thank so much


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