Aaron Beswick’s boat

Dear Diary, So yesterday it was a long drive thru driving rain to a hockey game. We lost , but hey, they played good and hard. On the way there , I called my nephew, Aaron Beswick, who writes for the Halifax Herald, for Northern Nova Scotia to tell him to come to the game. When I parked down town, I ran into Aaron coming from the bank. He said, “Auntie Dee, come see my shed.” We walked down to his apt, where his landlord lends him his shed to build a boat. And there he was, my father’s grandson, building a boat. And it was a beautiful boat indeed. I just felt so proud of him. It reminded me of my dad. He only ever built model boats in my memory but he was always in the barn, picking away, making bread boxes, or shelves, or trays.  The beauty of seeing Aaron building a boat, a generation skipped mind you, sort of made sense. My father and grandfather both had their hands on the building of skiffs and dories, and there he was at it again.  So lovely.

If you live in Nova Scotia be sure to keep your eye open for Aaron’s articles in the Halifax Herald. He is a good writer, and I have to say the Herald give him a great chance to express himself while he tells us about rural Nova Scotia. He often writes articles about “folks”…keep your eyes on the Herald. You will see what I mean, signed, proud auntie.








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  1. Well Aunt Dee you really should be proud of that young fella. Carrying on the tradition of his Grandpa, your Dad. He is truly a real craftsman.I hope you get to sail on that boat, what a day it will be when Aaron launches it. Bring on the champagne!!!


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