Dear Diary, I never make preserves, and rarely eat them. Our house seems to like plain things like mustard pickles and strawberry jam. There, however is always jars of this and that open and around. Our sister in law has caught on to us and says she is not giving us anymore chutney. We smile, as the family joke goes, with relief.

However I do find them beautiful. Photogenic, they are. Once I remember a woman making a ery beautiful rug of preserve jars in a pattern of nine jars. They also serve as inspiration.

I know lots of people love them on the plate as well. Mostly I like them on the cupboard.




2 thoughts on “preserves

  1. Your pictures remind me of my Mom’s fruit cellar when I was a kid. Every year she would jar jams, pickles, beets, pears, plums, black cherries, tomatoes… I can’t even remember them all.
    My favorites are homemade strawberry jam, which we make every summer and pickled beets, which me make every couple years.


  2. I have an over supply of dilled green beans from our taproot order. I’d gladly trade for some home made chutney! I hope you are enjoying the fall Deanne. It is nice to be hooking without breaking out in sweat from the mat on my lap! Warmly, Meryl


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