geting to the centre

Dear Diary, Over the years off and on, I have been trying to do some meditation. I am trying again.  I believe it is good for you. I believe that as I get older it is important to just take time out, to let my mind be, to rest. I find that focusing on my breath, just for a few minutes each day, or for part of my walk, makes me softer and kinder.

I believe that rug hooking is very meditative. It is also very productive. When I just sit to meditate I often feel as if I should be doing something. Thoughts come. I let them go. As one of the tapes I listen too reminds me, “That is what minds do.”

Meditation, mine is just a few minutes at a time, just helps me get to the centre of myself. It makes me realize that I am enough just as I am. Everything I do, is just stuff I do. I get to be just Deanne. I am not Deanne the mother, deanne the rug hooker, deanne the friend. I am just Deanne, and that is just enough.




One thought on “geting to the centre

  1. I agree that meditation has excellent benefits if we take the time to do it. I sometimes think that all the multi tasking that we do takes it toll. If I sit for 5 minutes everyday, I’m more productive and creative. Now all I need to do is make myself do it.


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