Creeping Jenny

Dear Diary, So often I take a few photos and it is months before I get to show you. I love June around my place because the yard fills with a little blue flower, it covers acres and acres around here. It takes the old green grass and turns it into a blue carrot. It must have been planted years ago as a ground cover and now it is all over the place. When I see it, I walk all around the yard , making sure I see it everywhere it grows. It is a summer visitor, now as I go through my pictures I remember why I find June so sweet. It is a colour of blue, that I find the most beautiful, somewhere between blue and mauve.

It would be so nice to hook a rug and instead of making the grass green, turn it into creeping jenny.




One thought on “Creeping Jenny

  1. I love this picture. We have a flower that grows by the roadside in August/September that is called farewell summer. It is a little bluer than this. I want to use it in a rug too.


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