lavender after the rain.

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ry something different as you mount your rugs. In these two rugs I mounted them on masonite boxes, that stand about 1.75 inches of the wall. I just glued them down on the bases and painted the edges black. I wanted the rugs to look more modern, like canvases, and it worked. Framing rugs can be very trick. I think you have to find the way that suits the rugs, or leave it alone. I like rugs unframed, but sometimes I like to change things up a bit. The mounting of these pieces added alot to the contemporary design of the rugs. They are called Lavender after the Rain, and it is raining good and hard here today after a lonf dry summer.

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  1. I have wondered about trying this with artist canvas. Make the rug the same size as the canvas and wonder if small push pins that match the colors could be poked into the canvas to hold the rug? And of course the sides of the canvas could be painted. Has anyone done this?


  2. Hi Deanne, Would it be possible to include a photo of the back and side, and show what a masonite box looks like?
    hope all is well,


  3. Good idea.
    1 Did you make or buy the boxes and if you bought them where did you find them?
    2. What kind of glue did you use and how much of it? Will it eventually eat into the fabric?
    Thanks for a good idea.


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