La Perla, I finally got there

Dear Diary, for years, since I was in university in 1987 I wanted to eat at La Perla in Darthmouth. When did I finally get there? I finally ate at this lovely restaurant in 2012. It goes to show that the longer you are in business , the better. We happened to be in Darthmouth and the restaurant was opened. I had haddock in a caper butter sauce and cheesecake with strawberries and caramel sauce. My husband had salmon with pesto and not even a taste of my cheesecake. I would have let him.

When I asked if I could look around the restaurant, the waiter said, “Make yourself at home”. I liked that response and checked out all the rooms. It was very lovely. The food was delicious. The service was great. And the view was of the Halifax Harbour..




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