amherst shore

Dear Diary, the lure of the ocean, whether it is in a rug, or a drive to the beach is a strong tug. I wonder sometimes what it is that calls people to the sea. It is strong call that so many of us feel. Yesterday I drove thirty minutes to have a fifteen minute swim. This summer for the first time in my life I started putting my head under water. It is something I was always afraid of. I wanted to overcome it. So now when I ever I swim I plug my nose and go under and watch the bubbles in the light green water rise to the surface. It just makes me feel stronger to do it. I am not a strong swimmer but I swim, fifty strokes at my best. The water in these pictures is where I swim, the Northumberland straight. It has been the inspiration for all my swimmers rugs, and many a shoreline scene of cottages. It is warm (not yesterday!) and you can go out a long long ways before it is over your head. So I have to just duck myself!

When the tide is out like these pictures you can walk on the flats for a mile or two in your bare feet. I know everyone has a favourite beach that is all there own. I love Amherst Shore. Mine is Amherst Shore!

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  1. I grew up on an inland lake in Michigan. I now live on a small river which winds its way to Lake Michigan. Our river rarely freezes in winter so I can always l see it moving. In the winter of 2010 it was ice bound for nearly 2 weeks. In the 23 years we have lived here I have never felt so discombobulated. It was that unsettling.


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