apple orchards everywhere

Dear Diary, In fall the smell of apples is in the air. Where I live is full of apple trees, some cared for in yards, some abandoned orchards from old farms. They are along the side of the road. It really makes you think about the people who lived here before you, how they planted and harvested.

The one that caught my eye this year was on Willow Street, with the apples littering the ground and a wheelbarrow underneath it. It was just so perfect I had to stop and get a shot of it. It is a sentimental sort of picture, but then again, I am as well.




3 thoughts on “apple orchards everywhere

  1. Nice to see, and yes it’s a sentimental image for us sentimental fools. Love it. Sad to say that the Ontario apple crop is devastatingly low this year. Summer weather in March followed by frost in April ruined about 80% of the crop. Maybe we’ll import some apples from NS!


  2. What a perfect picture to hook.Do I see animals in the back ground? I know you are sentimental it shows in all your work. I too am a sentimental sap, a dreamer, sometimes living in the past.So there is nothing wrong with that. Keep on putting together all those wonderful designs for us to share. Luv Shirley.


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