hollyhock, will you be a rug?

Dear Diary, this Parrsborro Hollyhock made me dig my camera out of my purse. I have hooked hollyhocks over the years but the single one as a motif, I have not done. Right now I have a beach scene on the frame, but there is room. I am working on a series of new rugs for Big Lessons on a Small Canvas Workshop. Perhaps there is room for a holly hock there. Let’s see what appears.

I love the ragged edges of the petals and really think I could do something interesting with several layers of outline here.



2 thoughts on “hollyhock, will you be a rug?

  1. Dying to see your hollyhock rug. I did a hollyhock rug myself this summer. It’s my husband, John’s, favourite flower. We saw a LOT of them all over Holland, in front of old brick buildings in small towns etc. I used to have a lemon yellow one in my garden in Fall River but it died out. I brought seed back from Holland for black hollyhocks. They grew about 7 feet high at the cottage and were stunning(single and more like a deep, deep wine colour in the sunlight .. but so dark as to almost black.).

    My prefernce is for single, old-fashioned hollyhocks like the one you photographed. The double ones, unfortunately, remind me of those kleenex flowers that people used to put on wedding cars years ago (you were menitioning them the other day).



  2. Yes you could do something really smashing with this picture. Maybe Hollyhocks will be your next favourite after the Poppy, just kidding.


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