Quilts on the Line


Dear Diary, I am easily entertained you see. Easily bored too, but the saving grace is I am easily entertained. I don’t need to go to Madagascar to wake up my eyes. I don’t need to go to Fiji, to wake up my senses. I am lucky that way. This summer I have gone for drives. Long ones, short ones. I usually nab some one to go with me, but alone is okay too. Sometimes I am a little ashamed that I do not like to travel. Every once in a while I force myself to go somewhere, but it is mainly so I can say that I did.  Alot of my friends travel a great deal, so sometimes I feel like quite a hick when they talk about where they have been and what they saw, and what they ate, and the music they heard, and the things they saw.

To say that I went to Wallace, and saw a quilt show, and saw these beautiful quilt tops hanging on the line hardly seems enough. I guess you just have to ask yourself… Enough for who? Enough for me? Yes.  That is all it has to be. Enough for me.

Right now I am rattling my keys. Where to today?



4 thoughts on “Quilts on the Line

  1. AH but you have travelled further than Wallace in your younger days. Now you are content to the beauty that surrounds your daily life, close to home.It shows in all your work. I too have done that, been there, and truly see the beauty on my own door step. A day spent at the Woodstock fair demonstrating rug hooking. Walking around the local market in the museum square, lunch on the patio of a charming cafe people watching. Weekly rug hooking meetings followed by afternoon tea. Annual trip to Amherst, your workshop is a must on my calendar. Life is full of colour in many ways.


  2. Deanne; There’s no place like home. I’m glad you’re true to yourself, it helps me see your work as authentic. If you are a home body, and force yourself to be otherwise, then I’d wonder, ‘whose rugs am I looking at?’ Everything you make is really an expression of who you are, and I really like who Deanne Fitzpatrick is. Thanks for being you.


  3. Deanne, I say you are reading the letters of love and beauty that God writes and
    personally delivers at our feet. All we have to do is know they are there and
    open our hearts and eyes to read them. Beauty and joy are not miles away.


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