Workshop Schedule with Deanne Fitzpatrick for 2013

Workshop Schedule for 2013

I am just preparing the dates for next years workshops. Please note that this year I am only planning three workshops so they may fill up quite quickly. I have not worked out all the details for the 2013 Workshop Schedule but I wanted to let you know the dates and topics as many people have requested information on the schedule for 2013.

The Details for these Workshops will be posted in late September.

Hooking the Landscape May 8, 9, 10, 2013

This workshop will cover all area of hooking landscape rugs from rocks and sea, to hillsides and fields, trees, bushes, and sky. Details to follow, $495

Hooking the Abstract/ Landscape June 25 to 27, 2013

This workshop will focus on Creating and hooking Contemporary designs in Hooked Rugs $495

Create Beauty Everyday :The Joy of Hooking Rugs ( as part of the Nova Scotia Fibre Art Festival) October 16, 17, 18, 2013

Together with some special guests This workshop will focus on the pleasure found in hooking rugs. You can design or create from a series of joyful patterns provided, and we will learn as well as be playful and have fun with rug hooking techniques that include hooking people, hooking landscapes, dreamscapes, and creating rugs that have a message of thankfulness, playfulness, and joy.$495

To register for any of these workshops you just purchase the Workshop Deposit in our online shop and tell us which course you want in the comments section of our order form.




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