Rugs in Cottages

Dear Diary, Our shores along the Ns, and NB border of the Northumberland Straight are lined with old family cottages. Often when you visit them you will find old rugs littering the floors with their frayed edges. Recently I visited a friend’s cottage and the previous owner had left all her belongings in the cottage when she sold it. Cottages around here are often sold furnished. The previous owner had hooked many small mats, so I took a few pictures to show you here.





4 thoughts on “Rugs in Cottages

  1. Hi Deanne,

    There are some very interesting hooked rugs in the 113 year old cottage (2 cottages from us) on Pugwash Point. A couple are on walls so are in pretty good shape. I believe they’re quite old. If you’re ever interested in seeing them … I can arrange that.

    If not, I will take some photos next summer when the owners of the cottage are back in Pugwash.



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