sweet old small town


Dear Diary, I just sent off a little girl with a tiny cat mat, ready to hook it on her drive back to Halifax. It felt quite nice to see an eight year old get interested in hooking a rug. Her mom was starting to o she will have lots of help. A little child, a rug hook, a cat mat, and a little hoop. So nice to to see that rug hooking has a big future.

The town has been busy here this week as we had a fire on Victoria Street, destroying the local Dolly’s bar, and the apartments above it. The Red Cross and Salvation Army have been helping those who were displaced and the community of Amherst, like always have been generous and supportive. I live in  a caring community. So many people have inquired if we were ok. We were, with not even any smoke damage. We came in and sealed the doors in the afternoon, and thankfully we did not get any smoke damage at my place or at Mansours.

Recently Amherst has undergone a major downtown renovation with a new park, new sidewalks, lights, and beautiful plantings. It is really lovely. Once recently, someone was reflecting on the people of Amherst as a whole, and he described them as humble. I had to agree. You can never paint a whole community with the same brush, but I think it is true that so many people of this small town in Northern Nova Scotia. We have some humility here. After the fire, you could see on everyones face, “There but for the grace of God go I.” We all knew it, we all felt it some. It is something I like about Amherst, the community’s commitment to each other and the support we offer each other.Small town life offers something beautiful. I think there is no comparison. I love it here. We got something money can’t buy, and makes big box look pretty small.








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  1. Hi Deanna
    Last spoke with you out at your home near the pumping station when I bought a little rug called The Kitchen Party. It hangs in our kitchen and I tell people that you can ” see ” the music in the rug.I left Amherst as an 11 year old boy in 1959 and still think about it now and then. You might know my fifth cousin Ruth from the Hamptons.



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