Colour, how we see it – Part 10 of 10 – Joanna Close

Colour is such an interesting topic to discuss. Everyone has different associations and interpretations with it. I think that everyone has their own particular colour palette, a grouping of colours that they are drawn to and frequently use, whether it be when making artwork or buying new clothing and household items.

I have a friend who used to ask me about colours that I liked. He would ask me what my favorite colour was so far that day. I would think back at the things that I had seen and there was always something that stood out, it was quite an interesting exercise in terms of paying attention to the colours around me. I began looking at all colours to think about why I was drawn to certain ones. It was really enjoyable to scan back through my day in terms of colours when he would ask…‘so Jo, how about today? what was your favorite colour?’.

My friend moved away and the colour conversations dwindled, now that I’m thinking about it though I should continue that practice of daily colour observation and record the colours that I see. It is always good practice for an artist to do a daily art exercise, nothing grand or ornate, but a small drawing or a colour study keeps the mind thinking and looking. Especially when you may not be working on a piece of artwork. When you are looking and observing I find you end up seeing more, therefore you have more places to draw ideas from.

Colours are not constant they are always changing, because the light is always changing, with the time of day and by where you might be in the world. I hope you have enjoyed my musings on colour. I will finish this series by posting a few photos of colours that I like. Thanks for following my posts on Deanne’s blog!

This is a hooked rug that I am currently working on, it is of my Uncle’s old house. When I took a photo of it last night I was surprised at how the variations in colours of green give dimension to the trees. This rug will be on display (along with a few others) at Bella’s Cafe in Amherst, NS for the upcoming Fibre Arts Festival in October.


I like the simplicity of soft pink wild roses.


Highbush cranberries, glossy and red.


I quite like the warm grey colour of weathered wood.


Witch hazel is bright, almost fluorescent, in the fall when the leaves start to change.


A field of green is one of my favorite colour schemes, especially just after a rain shower.


3 thoughts on “Colour, how we see it – Part 10 of 10 – Joanna Close

  1. Hi
    I saved the reading of this til the end of the series. I just wanted to say that i really enjoyed it. I thought you presented it very well. You made colour easy to understand. It w a s interesting to read about the natural dyes as i use chemical dyes. The pictures were beautiful! thank you for sharing your thoughts on colour.


  2. Joanna, this was a fabulous series. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us. I shall note in a book daily (till I forget) what color I noticed most as I am sure it will give you a “sense of your own pallet” Having just returned from Newfoundland last night, today I had noticed the pinks in the garden flowers and remarked about it to my husband–before I read your entry. Thanks for a fun thing to do. Please keep writing!


  3. This morning while sipping coffee on my porch I noticed I was seeing blue in a green leaf. Thanks for your essays on color, Joanna.


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