babies in rugs

Dear Diary, I just finished reading, Cool Water by Diane Warren, winner of the Govenor Generals Award. It is a good book. One friend who loved it referred to it as Canadiana. It is set on the prairies and you really get sense of small town life. I have visited the prairies but never the small town, just driving outside the cities. Last night I watched a documentary on Rudy Weibe and it got me interested in reading some of his books. I always remember the line from a Connie Caldor song, that said there is something about the prairies that outsiders just can’t understand. I believe there is, just as there is about all landscapes that you are born into, or live with for a long time.

This weekend I went to a wedding, and it was very beautiful. It had a traditional head table and toasts to the the bride. I knew the bride since she was a baby. It got me thinking of the traditions around weddings when I was a kid. We would decorate the cars with tissue flowers made from coloured kleenex, yellow, blue and pink. They would be taped on cars and then after the wedding before the reception, a parade of cars would drive through the community and blow their horns. It still happens here once in a while but it is not as common as it used to be. The tissue flowers are out all together. I made one the other night just to remind myself how. It is on the side of my fridge. I would sit for hours as a kid and make them with other kids for the weddings of local girls. That was our job. Keeping the children busy.

I spent a lot of time out and about this summer. There is so much to do around here in the summer. There are restaurants open that close for the winter, community theatre, boat rides, and the comings and goings of summer.We have had lovely days, hot and long, but finally it is cooling which has lead me happily back to my rug hooking frame. I missed it so much.I am working now on three women, who al look kind of the same, holding babies. I was amazed to discover some new colour combinations in working on this piece. You start to think that you know all the moves, then you are happily surprised. I have a background of squares. I am always stopped by babies. This summer during harbour days in Pugwash a little one dropped her flip flop and looked at me to pick it up. Once I gave it to her a big smile crossed her face. I kept looking at her playing with her sweet little feet and the flip flop, and took a few pictures. So the rug I am working on now is about mothering, and I am really loving it.






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