living with a rug

Dear Diary,

This rug was one of my very first attempts at hooking the abstract. It came out completely differently than I expected and I had it for nearly two years before a California Designer called and said t was perfect for a client of his. It was great fun to have him call ( his website said his work had been in Architectural Digest!) because sometimes you feel as if the rug is lonely and no one is ever gonna be taken enough with it to love it. That is the thing when you make one of a kind rugs. Sometimes it takes quite a while to find the right fit. It has nothing to do with how beautiful the rug is. It is just a matter of waiting until that rug strikes a chord in someone, and they decide they need to live with it.

Buying art is quite a commitment. Art I bought twenty years ago lies under the bed now. I loved it for a time, and I may love it again another time. Some I loved twenty years ago is still hanging and I love even more now. I do know though that when a piece of art resonates with you, you should get it. I have a few pieces like that, that stuck with me after I left the gallery or shop. Others I knew as soon as I saw them that they needed to be in my house. I wanted to live with them.

3 thoughts on “living with a rug

  1. The mat is beautiful, as are all of yours!! We too are artists who constantly try for the right fit for people, my husband paints & I hook–so we know of what you mean–one must keep the creative juices flowing no matter what!!


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