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  1. Hi Tanya,

    I’m doing a number of rugs using cotton fabrics and old sheets (that I re-dye and tie dye with Rit dyes) along with using cotton yarns like the Peaches and Creme ones and cotton embroidery flosses. I live in the Deep South (South Carolina) and cotton rugs work better for my climate. Not to mention wool is rather difficult to handle when you don’t have air conditioning. Though I do have to buy all my wool clothing and fabrics from the thrift stores or else get it on line somewhere as there isn’t any fabric store around me that sells wool fabric. For my base fabric I use the other kind of monk’s cloth that you can get at Walmart or JoAnne’s or burlap because it handles the wider strips better. I also like the bright colors in the cottons but you can get similar results in wool too from thrift store wool. I’m not too fond of dull, dark colors either. To start out you can use stretcher strips or an old picture frame and tacks. I had to teach myself how to hook from books and the net and make do with what I could find or had on hand. You can hook on a budjet Deanne’s books have been my best guides to learning how to hook and keep inspired.


  2. Hello. I have just found your website and blog. I want to rug hook so badly but I seriously cannot afford the $400 to get started that my local shop says is necessary. I understand the need for good tools such as frame and hook. But when I asked her if I could use regular fabric since I have yds and yds and yds and yds of it, she grew quite upset with me and said that she would refused to teach me if I was not going to use wool and that I was just wasting my time and hers.

    Is this true? Should I expect to put hundreds of dollars into this? I tend to like bright and modern, rather than dark and primitive look. So therefore thrift store wool will not work for me 🙂 Your style looks like something I would like so much better.


  3. I like the sound of it too. Let’s say it one more time Scallop Sky, it looks good enough to eat. The colours are perfect,my kind of rug.Wonder what size it is?


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