Water or Rock

” Water is fluid and soft and yeilding. But water will wear away rock which is rigid and cannot yeild. As a rule whatever is soft and yeilding will overcome whatever is rigid and hard” Lao Tzu 600BC

Dear Diary, as the waves lap away at the soft shores of the straight i know the quote above to be true. Taking it to a personal level though is much harder. The heat of the summer always changes my routine as though you would never know it from my rugs I am as rigid as can be. I like my pillows in the same place, the same tea cup day after day. I like my routine and I miss it. The heat slows me down, makes my fingers sticky with my wool. While everyone else is basking in the sun, i am dreaming about it being cool enough to wear a sweater.
So I could just say that is who I am or I could try to be more fluid, more yeilding. I am trying that. I think this summer as I try to teach myself to relax more I am becoming softer. The older I get, the less I like that unyeilding side of myself. I don’t want to be hard as a rock. The other day I cried when Canada lost to the US in Olympic soccer after just watching the overtime. Perhaps my efforts are at work …




3 thoughts on “Water or Rock

  1. Your crying at Canada’s soccer loss shows a strong sense of justice, not softness. It’s time the soccer ref’s calls were subject to verification by video replay like in most other team sports. Then we wouldn’t need to cry. You may be rigid like you say, but it’s probably as much a strength as a drawback. Give me a little rigidity if it’ll help me create a beautiful rug like that one!


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