small changes in a studio

Dear Diary, Around the studio at my house here is what I see, simple things, beautiful things. Things are always changing, rugs come and go.  The roll of linen shrinks. The rocks end up iin different patterns. Smile at the small changes when everything is peaceful enough for you to notice them.





2 thoughts on “small changes in a studio

  1. Thanks Deanne for the Hooking the Sea workshop yesterday. I love your new approach to the workshops! I was so happy to have your encouragement to design a rug to represent the sea, rather than to have a ready-made pattern. (It was nice that you provided pattern ideas for people who didn’t want to design their own piece.) I am so excited about my new starfish rug and am hoping to get some time later tonight to work on it. Also, I liked starting at 10 rather than 9 and having lunch included. It made for a more relaxing trip up and back.
    Enjoy the rest of the summer.


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