Working on New Shopping Cart on Site

Dear Diary, I know it might not be big news to everyone, and some of you might not even notice the difference but to me it is a big change. Right now you might find some glitches if you try to shop on the site or register for our online courses.. We are trying to work them out. If you have any problems at at call us toll free at 1 800 328 7756.

Since we taught the online course last year we have been working on improvements in the website so that we could be better organized, teach more courses and improve our shopping cart online. Today I launched the new shopping cart. This will mean better pictures of our products so you can see what you are buying. As we develop the site more, we will be able to add several pictures for many products. It also allows us to be better organized when people register for our online courses. This will make Lornas job much easier.

If you were already shopping online with us this will mean that you will have to re-enter your information as unfortunately we were not able to transfer all the info to our new cart system.  I asked… but it was not possible. Please let us know if you experience any problems at all and we will work them out for you. There might be a glitch or two but this new cart will allow us to be much better at what we do here. We’ll be able to show you more stuff, more closely and though it is never the same as shopping right here live, I want your online shopping to be as good as it can be.

I know you might think I’m a little silly, but oh my gosh I am so excited  about this, and so happy with the results… !

In the coming months you will see more changes, better pictures, and more of our great products in the studio. So please be patient with me and the studio as we work on developing a better system and call us if you need us.

Thanks  for reading, and thanks for shopping with us. If you have any problems or questions, feel free to contact us at





3 thoughts on “Working on New Shopping Cart on Site

  1. You are a great Sales Lady. I will do my buying when I visit in October. It is always wise to bring a Big case with lots of spare room for goodies. I clicked on Here on this blog, was able to get comments. Always something new to discover on your web page.


  2. Morning Deanne……….. I clicked as instructed but there’s nothing there and the on line shop comes up as on line course


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