rugs everywhere

Dear Diary , last winter Sue took my online course, then she came last spring and took a workshop in the studio. Today she sent me a pictures of her rugs, this is just a little thumbnail, but I think you can see it is lovely.
It is exciting to see what people make out of the very basic patterns I offer them. I like to make the patterns as looses as possible for the courses so there is plenty of room to improvise. It is great to see people create and improvise. A few weeks ago, Vera McGuinnes was hosting a booth at the Lupin Quilt Fair and I was able to catch Vera, who sits on the NS Fibre Art Festival Committee with me. She was showing and selling her daughter Trina’s rugs. Vera is also a gifted quilter and rug hooker. It was great to see her there because she takes such pride in her work, and her daughters. Yesterday I spent the day with the Highland Rug Hookers at Lynn Line’s house. There were as many different rugs as there were rug hookers. We all have our own ideas, and that truly is what makes an interesting and fun community. It is great to see people creating beauty everyday.


just a thumbnail of Lynn who organizes the local rug group, but still it’s sweet to see her smile behind her beautiful William Morris Design…