in the smallest of ways

Dear Diary, I so hope you are not tired of the idea cause I am just getting started with it. When I started thinking about my rug hooking,  my writing  and teaching in a broader sense, and started talking about it that way I think I discovered that I was doing more than just hooking rugs. I started to see that I was making something a little less tactile.

Over a cup of coffee, with designer friend , Susan Black, the create beauty everyday idea began to blossom. It started before that with a scribble pad at lunch last Christmas with my niece Bridget. I kept that scribble, showed it to Susan, who kept insisting that I was doing more than hooking rugs. At first I thought she was confused but turns out she was seeing things a bit more clearly than me.

So what is that about this create beauty everyday thing that I keep shouting about…

Well see it’s like this, create beauty everyday (cbe) is my creed or my motto…or what I remind myself of when I am a cranky arse. Cause I got some that in me too.

When I wake in the morning and I’m creaky I think once I make those pretty positions (there is no mirror around) with my yoga I will be less creaky…cbe

Then I remind myself that this is another day I can get up make a few meals, throw together some good ingredients and please a palette or too…cbe

Then I think about the rug on the frame and that even if I haul up ten loops I’ll be part of the revolution…cbe

Then if I have a laugh at the studio when Brenda or Norma I did it again…cbe

When I add a few flowers to a vase…cbe

When I take a picture…cbe

When I walk and remember….cbe

When I call a friend…cbe

beauty is a big thing but creating it can be quite little

Create beauty everyday can be a revolution in your own life in the littlest of ways

Join the revolution..cbe



11 thoughts on “in the smallest of ways

  1. I’m sorry, I have to say it: With regard to the “Create Beauty Everyday” slogan; it should read “Create Beauty Every Day.” The use of “everyday” as one word is an incorrect choice in this case.


  2. Hi Deanne – as always, your post inspires, lifts and warms me. The beauty of your mats is like a woolly hug in so many glorious colours!

    Just back from a visit to Prince Edward County (Ontario) and it so reminded me of the Maritimes; particularly Nova Scotia & PEI. Turns out they make some wonderful wine there from grapes grown in the limestone “terroir”. The rocks, the scrubs, the glimpses of water at numerous turns in the road… there were many artisans inspired by the countryside and gentler way of life, but no rugs! Not many sheep either, come to think of it. There’s a great opportunity for someone there… It is a part of Ontario I’ve never visited and now wish I’d found it sooner. Now that we live in Toronto, it’s an easy drive (much shorter than a trip back home to St Andrews, NB), so we can live like we’re in the maritimes for a weekend or so.

    Off to hook something. I’m working on a multi-fibre piece that is fun; a change from wool. I’m not converting, just dabbling.

    thanks again for your wonderful messages and the beauty that you create, everyday!


  3. Thanks for your newsletter. I am visiting my sister in Boulder, Colorado. We made the yogurt cucumber mint salad and served it over grilled beef patties. Very good. I also visited a yarn store here called Gypsy Wools. I found some lovely yarns to use in my latest rug hooking project. I like to have a rug to work on when I travel. I think I packed more wool than clothes…


  4. Deanne, you are indeed, doing more than “just hooking rugs!” Thank you for the inspiration to cbe…I’m “in!”

    Diane, thanks for sharing Natalie’s quote as well…think I’ll go “love” in my hooking. 🙂


  5. Loving the July newsletter. Always interesting to see again a rug created years ago. Just like an old friend it evokes memories of where you were and what was going on in your world at the time you were working on it. Such a warm feeling when the work is appreciated and has a place of honour.

    Now where did I put my crock!


  6. Deanna: I love what you wrote today. I would love to make one to hang in my sewing/crafting area. I have a hard time getting my words uniform. You couldn’t share your pattern with us, could you.

    I really enjoy your updates that I receive in my mail. It takes me back to my visit with you at your studio last summer. I can hardly wait to return down East next summer. I will be sure to visit you again.

    Til next time,



  7. Deanne, you’re lovely. Just read this post, and your newsletter, which I sent on to my rug hooking faciliator, mentor, friend. I am now going to get a crock, fill it with water, and drop a few flowers in. Thank-you!


  8. I dusted off my copy of Natalie Goldberg’s book, Writing Down the Bones, the other night. I was flipping through rereading this and that and a certain passage struck me. “The great chasm between the love we feel for the world when we create and the disregard we give it in our own lives. ….Art is an act of nonaggression.We have to live this art in our daily lives. ….This does not mean put a good poem on paper and spit at our lives,curse our cars,and cut off someone on the freeway. It means carry the poem away from the desk and into the kitchen…..The deepest secret in our hearts is that we are writing because we love the world,and why not carry that secret out with our bodies into the living rooms and porches,backyards and grocery stores? Let the whole thing flower: the poem and the person writing the poem. And let us always be kind in this world.”

    I was thinking of this passage when I read your post. Maybe beauty is also love and finding that place in our soul that we tap into or expose when we create is like a love poem meant to be carried with us out into the other parts of our lives and the greater world. Maybe creating beauty everyday is also about creating love and kindness.

    Yes, indeedy, I think you’re onto something big!


  9. Ohhhh…. This is so what I needed to hear… Everyday I need to hear this!! I’m so far from home (from The Valley to Seattle) I miss the little things!! Thank you for making them feel like big things!! I do believe I will tatoo this on my forehead!!! 🙂 thanks for the inspiration !! I’m off to the beach to take some pictures! 🙂


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