how to eat a cookie

Dear Diary, I watched a little friend eating a cookie at the soccer field the other day and I thought, “Now that’s the way to eat a cookie, slow and deliberate, enjoying every bite.” The thing is though she did not have to” focus and be mindful”. She did not have to remind herself to slow down and enjoy. She was a natural at the art of cookie eating. She nibbled, and savoured and enjoyed every last the bite. In fact that last bit was in her hand for a few minutes. After she ate it, she licked her fingers, slowly of course. There was no gobbling, no stuffing it into you, no devouring. It was just as if she were queen of the slow food movement. This girl knew how to eat a cookie.











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  1. Dear deanne, love the picture’s. thank you for inviting me to the barbeque, it was delicous . had fun from Gracen .


  2. Dear Dianne, We have been homeless for a month and 1/2. I am not telling you this to feel sorry for me at all. That particular part of our life journey is over. It was hard but I look for silver linings and “learnings”. We now moved into our new, hopefully forever, home just 2 weeks ago. It is an old purple victorian. People stop me and say ” oh, you moved into the purple house!” It needs A LOT of work. However, it has character and creaky old wood floors and gorgeous old unique windows and a fireplace in the living room. I feel blessed. We have not received our boxes yet from storage as it has been 100 degrees of heat wave here and we didnt want anyone to get sick from helping us move. Plus we have been in a tent for so long that we figured ….we can wait a bit longer. My main issue has been that all my art stuff…my studio/rug hooking/paints/etc…is all packed up..we have all my stuff in various places as we had a hard time finding storage. My main stress over the last 2 months has been my art and my art supplies. Oh, us artists, we do tend to need our supplies in order to create art. I am grieving…and feel useless and my days feel unloved and unused. I need to create beauty every day…just like you say…its so much a part of my authentic self. Without it, I just feel deflated. I am so looking forward to opening these boxes and for the ability to create again… We just got our computer set up at our new place. I have also been forced to realize how I am very attached to being on the computer. I tend to think I use it creatively…just like everything else about me. One if the things I missed was reading your blog. So, this morning…I booted it up and went to your site….ahhhhh….a bit of home for me…even though you are in another country and far far away. Sometimes, you may forget that you effect others in ways you may not be able to imagine. I just wanted you to know that you, and your blog, were one of the things I felt grieved about as I felt what I was missing during this time. It made me so happy in my little corner of the world to enter into your world a bit this morning….with my coffee….ahhhh….home. Peace to your heart.


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