abstract lily pond rug coming soon

Dear Diary, My friend Ghita came over last week and we ate cherries, drank tea and I gave her a lesson on her computer. On Saturday, after our photography workshop, myself and Diana who organized the workshop dropped into Ghitas. I wandered around her yard,  and Ghita was no where to be found and then I heard Diana yell, “come see”.  She had walked in the back yard to see if Ghita was there , and also because she had heard a big bull frog and wanted to see if she was gonna get a glimpse of him. What she found was this amazing water garden. We both laid down on our bellies and took a few pictures.

So there is a rug or two in here, I am sure of it. Abstract lily pond, coming up.









One thought on “abstract lily pond rug coming soon

  1. I have photos of a lily pond I took last summer and keep thinking about doing an abstract with them. So far I have played around with sketching them and having fun with them on my photo app on my iPad.


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