Tidnish Bridge Art Gallery

Dear Diary, the little art gallery in Tidnish Bridge, about fifteen minutes outside of Amherst is run as a cooperative with seven artists working, teaching and selling their work from it. This summer they have offered a series of workshops. I have taken a print making workshop with Bob Mourouney and a have started a photography workshop with George Klaus. Both have been excellent with great instruction and good learning. I love the chance to learn something new so I am taking advantage of what the gallery has to offer. Diana MacIssac and Cathy Thurston manage the gallery and do a lot of the day to day work of it. If you are nearby stop in. Here are some shots of the printing press at the gallery. I edited them because I could after the photography workshop. Yippee.

I always kind of feel like you should get a great picture straight out of the camera, but the instructor today said, and I have heard it before that many great photographers edited their work in  in the dark room. Today editing software is kind of like having a darkroom on your computer. It made me come home and play.







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