Tuesday night in Amherst Nova Scotia

Dear Diary, For quite a few years I have seen a sign around town for Dick’s Jamboree. At first I thought that it was something I would not be a bit interested in. Then one Sunday morning I went down to Station Street to take some pictures and I ended up taking one of the door to Dick’s Jamboree. I found it quite interesting so I decided I wanted to go find out what it is about. It turns out that every Tuesday night in Amherst there is live performance, singing, fiddles, accordion, mouth organ, you name it. It is mostly country and blue grass. You put your name on the roster and you get a chance to sing or play. It seems that you get to play only two songs. I think if patsy Kline had of appeared on the stage in a mist they would have allowed her two songs. There is a house band, all good musicians, and they back up who ever gets up to sing.
It was a sweet evening. An orange crush and a bag of chips kind of evening. I had to say I was proud to say that this was happening in my town once a week. When we stepped outside, one of the organizers Dinks Gouchie told us that they give all the money they raise away, keeping only two months rent in the bank. It is an ongoing charity. The walls are lined with old record albums, a fiddle hangs on the wall as a memorial to a former musician. There is selection of guitars by the stage for you to pick from if you need one.

So there you go, that is Tuesday night in Amherst,Nova Scotia, some of that sweet old small town kinda life.
If you are in town on a Tuesday night check it out. Admission is three bucks, and they pass around candy through out the night for free. How sweet is that .








4 thoughts on “Tuesday night in Amherst Nova Scotia

  1. I love it- and I love that the house band is called LeRoy and the boys- hilarious! I wish I could get up the nerve to belt out a tune on the stage- a few more years of rug hooking and maybe the creative urge will sweep me up there! Bluegrass is totally hip these days so that place might just get busier all the time. Fun.


  2. Well you can’t beat that “good old foot stompin down home music”. We gals will be ready for that after a day of hooking come October. Maybe after we have had a wine or two over dinner at Duncan’s Pub,we can head for Dick’s Jamboree yippee!Perhaps our buddie Jane from North Carolina knows a bit about “Pickin” Oh it seems like a fun place to spend an evening.


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