22 thoughts on “How to Hook Rugs, step by step

  1. I am fortunate enough to have inherited Loads of hand dyed wool and burlap backings. These were stored in mothballs. Can I wash the wool and burlap before I start my project?

  2. I really admire your creativeness, your rugs a so colorful and wonderfully filled with people, the sea, and homes-I can see real people enjoying and working in their place by the sea.
    where can I order your video?

    Sally Lawrence

  3. The video is great and very inspirational, thank you for sharing! I would love to get started making my rug but I could not seem to find the tool you are using to cut the wool fabric, it seems to make life so much easier. Can you point me in the right direction? Thank you again!

  4. I love your rugs and website.

    I’ve dabbled in all forms of rug making and crochet a few over the years, I can bung them into the washing machine and wash over and over again.
    Question, can your type of rugs be washed?

    Kind regards
    Julie from UK

  5. Hi Deanne
    I love your website and your rugs! I am new to rug hooking and just love it! I used to make mosaics ans stained glass but due to fibromyalgia and arthritis I could no longer cut glass. I love doing this!!!!! I finiśhed my first rug in 3 days! I want I learn as much as I can about this wonderful art form.

  6. Love your video and your rugs show so much texture. I am a fan from Ohio. Who knows. Maybe one day I can take a trip for a class. Do tell more details on using different materials other than wool for different looks. Happy colors make your work shine. Kim

  7. Hola, mi nombre es Pamela, tengo 27 años, vivo en Santiago de Chile, quisiera saber si vende maquinas para cortar la tela, la vi en un video, corta tiras de tela. Si usted vende estas maquinas, quisiera saber si cuánto cuestan y si no las vende, me dé algún dato sobre ellas, como por ejemplo, cómo se llaman, los valores aproximados, dónde las venden, etc,. Espero me responda, me encanta su trabajo, saludos, Pamela Herrada.
    Hello, my name is Pamela, I have 27 years, I live in Santiago de Chile, I wonder if you sell machines to cut the fabric, I saw in a video, cut strips of fabric. If you sell these machines, I wonder if how much they cost and if we do not sell, give me some information about them such as their names, the approximate values​​, where to sell them, etc,. I hope I answered, I love your work, greetings, Pamela Herrada.

  8. I bought the Hooking Rugs video along with the Poppies Along the Edge of Town kit in March of this year while my son’s hockey team was in Amherst for a hockey tournament. I I’ve lost count how many times I’ve watched this video. Sometimes I sit and hook while I listen to Deanne share her love and talent for rughooking. It’s very inspirational.

  9. I enjoy all you teach meabout Hooking,love your style
    Thank You one day I will make it up,

  10. Hi Deanne, I really enjoyed that video, and getting to know you, a little. Thanks for posting it, and just being yourself.

  11. Thank you. There is so much to glean from here. I love listening to the sound of the wool being pulled through the linen. I love being home, educating our children, pulling wool through linen together with them. I am so content at home and to get to live this way. I taught public school for 7 years and have been home for over 10. Even the bad days are good days at home, doing exactly what I was made to be and do. Thank you for sharing how you live your life with us! You are a gift. I wish I lived in Nova Scotia! At least we’re on the same continent and I’m thankful for that. Corrine in Texas

  12. Thanks so much for sharing these thoughts in such lovely personal videos. They brought companionship and spirit into my hooking room, beyond which lies the snowy landscape of an arctic upstate New York afternoon. Warmth, beauty, craft: could it get much better? .

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