getting started in rug hooking for under $50

If you wanted to get started rug hooking we have
come up with a beautiful kit and an economical way to learn the craft.
for under $50 including shipping


This Summer Fields Kit (6″by 8″ ) is an inexpensive way to get you started rug hooking and includes everything you need. It even includes the shipping. In the pack you will receive cut wool cloth, textured wool and yarns to create the beautiful field, a hand drawn pattern on burlap, a hoop to stretch it on, a complete set of instructions and colour key, and a rug hook ( the same one that I use).

This kit is the perfect tool to teach yourself or someone else how to hook and use texture.

You can purchase this kit in our online shop

2 thoughts on “getting started in rug hooking for under $50

  1. These are great! Just what this economy needs to help people reduce stress and feel good about themselves. Hooking and making things with my hands is serious therapy for me. So thankful for it.


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