there’s a lot to do around here

Dear Diary, I took along drive today, all day nearly. It reminded me of this list that I made up with Gwen earlier in the year. If you come here to the workshops this is just a reminder of things you might do. If you live here, same goes….

Things to Do in Cumberland County

Take a historic walking tour of Downtown Amherst

Visit the Anne Murray Centre Walk Partridge Island

Do the pewter tour in Pugwash

Go down a coal mine

Have your picture taken with the piper

Pack a picnic for the beach

Hunt for fossils

Learn to hook rugs

Take a museum tour

Go on a mini art tour

Kayak in Advocate

Fish for trout in the Tidnish River

Enjoy maple syrup time

Go for sleigh rides in Maccan

Have a photography day Collect beach glass

Collect rocks

Eat fish & chips on the beach in Parrsboro

Go yard-saleing on Saturday morning

Pick berries

Go on a church tour

Shop for quirky items at Monty’s in Pugwash

Walk the flats at low tide

See some theatre

Tour the Jost Winery

Visit the potters Ghita and Rachel

Explore history at Fort Beausejour

Visit Pugwash, the village of Peace

Drive through Lakelands in late October, after the first frost, to see the red blueberry fields

Eat at the Wild Caraway in Advocate

Have a Guiness at Duncan’s Pub on Thursday night and stay for Open Mike

Visit the Amherst Library for the book sale

Treasure hunt at Frenchy’s

Try a maple body scrub at Damaris Spa in Amherst

Check out the sale bin at Pugsley’s Pharmacy in Amherst

Set up an easel and sketch on the streets

See a play at the Ship’s Company Theatre in Parrsboro

Visit a unique family owned menswear store, Mansour’s Men’s Wear in Amherst

Indulge in a cupcake from the Sugar Shack Bakery in Amherst

Go on a tour at the Joggins Fossil Cliffs

See the lighthouse at Cape D’Or

Have a swim at Heather Beach

Golf at the Northumberland Links Golf Course

Ski at Wentworth Valley

Try on clothes at Sharon’s Closet in Amherst

See the highest tides in the world at the Bay of Fundy

Hike in Cape Chignecto Provincial Park

Cycle along the Glooscap Trail

Look for bargains at the Salvation Army shop in Amherst (the Sally Ann!)

Talk to the locals at Tim Horton’s

Stay at a B&B

See the birds at the Wallace Bay National Wildlife Area

Learn about Mi’kmaq legends

Go on a thrilling tidal bore rafting adventure on the Shubenacadie River

Join the Gathering of the Clans in Pugwash in July

Buy lobster from the fishermen on the wharf

At the Balmoral Grist Mill you can see grain ground into flour by water power

Take photos of details on the historic homes in Amherst

Visit the Farmer’s Market in Amherst on Friday morning

Find a park with swings and take a ride

Try three new flavours of ice cream

Take a big appetite to the Old Germany Restaurant in Amherst

Check out Harbour Fest in Pugwash Cheer for a hockey team

Listen to the church bells

Stop to smell the springtime lilacs

Go to an antique auction

Start the day with a pancake breakfast with pure maple syrup

Take a drive with no destination in mind

Sit in the sun with a good book

Catch tiny crabs at the sea shore: give them names

Take a dog for a walk

Sit on Santa`s lap at the mall

Participate in a fundraiser

Spend a week at the Fibre Arts Festival in Amherst in October

Learn how to make thrummed mittens

Toast marshmallows over an open fire in winter

See the fireworks on Canada Day

Adopt a pet from the L.A. Animal Shelter

Buy flowers for a friend

Go to a concert featuring local musicians

Buy a yummy brick of cheese at the Art of Eating Deli in Amherst

Join in a softball game Run in the Cross Border Challenge in July

Bid on something fun at the Rotary Auction

Turn a skipping rope for some children

Spend some quiet time at a war memorial

Trace your family tree with a local genealogist

Visit the Heritage Models museum in River Hebert

Read Will R. Bird’s Here Stays Good Yorkshire

See the Cumberland County Exhibition in Oxford

Have your photo taken with the giant blueberry in Oxford

Explore an old cemetery

Catch fireflies in a warm evening

Visit the Nova Scotia Highlanders Museum in Amherst

See the tree carving of the four Fathers of Confederation in Amherst

Read the Oldest Settled Communities plaque at the Advocate Memorial Park

Sing an old sea shanty

Look for squirrels in Amherst (they’re hard to find)

Paint a picture of Lupins growing on the sides of the road

Have a leisurely cup of tea on a rainy day

Visit the Joy Laking Gallery

Fly a kite on the marsh on a windy day

Pick blueberries

See part of the Chignecto Ship Railway in Tidnish

Ride a horse on a picturesque trai

l Count the murals in Amherst

Celebrate a Victorian Christmas in Amherst

Join in a parade

Take a senior to lunch Support a local charity

Try on funky shoes at Leslie Jane’s Fashions in Amherst

Listen to the high school band

Teach a child how to skip a stone on the water

Send postcards to all of your friends and tell them what a wonderful time you are having here.










4 thoughts on “there’s a lot to do around here

  1. I can’t wait till September to come so I can visit some of these places.I want to see the Viotorian Homes and the Ocean and of course visit Deanne Fitzpatrick’s Rug Hooking shop and her husbands store next door to her shop and do lunch at one of the fine resterants in the area.


  2. …happily, I can say that i’ve done about 15 of those things you mentioned!!
    …someday, I hope to get back there and do alot more.
    Now that it’ summer, and people are somewhat free-er to get out and explore….
    We should all make a list like that……
    Of just those things we wish we could do… And just what we would really like to show our families when they come for that summer visit.


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