Sue Dove, embroidery artist answers ten lovely questions

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Dear Diary, Sue Dove, the author Painting in Stitches, came last year to the Creativity and Spirituality Workshop that Don Miller and I did together during the Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival last October.  She was featured on this blog last week  wearing my funky coat that the three women from England took back with them.

Some of you inquired about her work so I thought I would show you some of it and ask Sue to answer the  Ten Lovely Questions…

Sue Dove, artist,  answers  the Ten Lovely Questions

1)  What do you find lovely?

…Flowers,Friends,Dogs,Woods especially with Bluebells in, Textiles that people have made

2)  When was the last time you surprised yourself?

When l finally went to a solicitor to get a divorce!!
Embroidery by Sue Dove

3)  How old do you feel?

Can never tell…too busy enjoying myself.So many things to make

4)  When do you know it’s time to get creative?

All the time,even when lm washing up

5)  What’s you next great plan?

Starting a new Fine Art Textile group for all my exstudents,in my newly cleared out studio…

6)  What is your earliest creative memory?

About six years old,making a doll out of my mums fabric scraps…havent stopped since!

7)  Name three people you’d love to invite to dinner.

.It has to be four! Rowan Williams (Archbishop of Canterbury).Alan Bennett (writer) Monty Don (gardener,writer and my pinup) and Stephen Fry.(actor and clever chap)

the trip

8)  What was the last interesting idea that your grasped?


9)  Name three things that are “so not you”.

Smart clothes, Paperwork  and Offical stuff, Tidy House.

10) Name three words that sum you up

Artful..Cheerful..Colourful and Strong.


6 thoughts on “Sue Dove, embroidery artist answers ten lovely questions

  1. I am in love with sue’s work,I tried and it was difficult for me,it would teach me patience,I would like to do another piece and try to use my left and as the right has a titanium post in a joint,has anyone out there taught themselves to sew with their non dominant side??? please visit my web page and leave your comments,thankyou for this page,daphne mihan


  2. How nice to hear more news from one of the Cornwall gang. Sue Dove certainly loves bright colours, like you do. Interesting colours she used on the faces of her four women, made me think how I struggled with the faces on my Big Boned Women, I need not have worried. Keep clicking that camera, the pictures have really added to your blog, it is quite exciting wondering what tomorrow will bring.


  3. Your ten lovely questions are a lovely idea. I had dinner last night with an eclectic group of women. Rather random, actually. The ten lovely questions would be a great way to get to know each other better. Though laughing uproariously at the random sock that appeared from under the dining table or hearing how Janet used to play “dead mommy” when her five children became too much certainly provided ways of getting to know each other. Or at least some of each other. Thanks for the questions. And, I love hearing from those you’re talking to.


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