10 thoughts on “Excerpt from dvd

  1. Deanne! I LOVE THE DVD! Last night it felt like you were visiting in my living room! Only thing missing was a nice big plate of oatcakes. What a wonderful DVD you have made. Just so wonderful. Like a private lesson. You have outdone yourself (if that is possible!)

  2. Hi Deanne,
    I have sent you a separate note but want to say that I truly LOVE my DVD. I received it on Wednesday and what a pleasure to see and listen to you as you work away!!! You are a great teacher. Thanks for sharing all of those wonderful tips…. Sure wish I lived close by to attend a workshop or two. When you do more DVD’s, I will be one of the first to buy….

  3. I really like that you showed what was going on underneath the linen. Sometimes when I try and show someone what I’m doing….they want to know what’s going on under there, and a video makes it very clear.

  4. I watched the clip ~ can’t wait to watch the entire video!!! You hook soooo fast!!! Like a little hooking machine, you are!!!!!!!

  5. Ok, that little video made me want my DVD even more. Cannot wait to open my mailbox one of these days to discover it there. Looking forward to it.

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